Fck The Bar

Take Your Place at Counsel Table

This isn't like any other book about the bar exam. And you won't hear the advice inside it anywhere else.

No matter which bar exam you're studying for, you need to be doing the right things if you want to pass. This book cuts out all the bullshit and tells you what those things are.

Regardless whether you're taking a big expensive bar prep course, hiring a tutor, studying on your own, or something in between, FCK THE BAR will help. It provides both the practical advice you're looking for and the mindset shift you don't even realize you need in order to be a bar exam boss on test day.

Read all about the study approach that has helped first time takers - as well as serial repeaters - take their place at counsel table.

This is the part where I STFU and just let you

read what people *actually* think about the book.

"absolutely loved it"

"bringing the bar exam down to size"

"calm, confident, and in control"

"so excited to start"

Chapter List

  1. Fuck The Bar
  2. Painless Bar Prep
  3. The Gatekeeper
  4. Fight Club
  5. Hacking the Bar Exam
  6. The 4 Stage Study Plan
  7. Sourcing Materials
  8. Substantive Review
  9. Performance Tests
  10. MBE Practice
  11. Short Answers
  12. Study Schedule
  13. Your Bar Prep Lifestyle
  14. Exam Day
  15. A Word To The Repeaters
  16. For Additional Support

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